Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Cancer Survival Rates - A Post Code Lottery

I was diagnosed iwith lung cancer in December last year and I am now officially terminal.I blame my GP for my current condition.
I complained of chest problems for over two years prior to the diagnosis and made numerous trips to my GP but it wasn’t until I was coughing up large amounts of blood that I was sent for a CT scan.
On more than one occasion I wasn’t even examined and the GP simply gave me yet another prescription for anti-biotics.
I am so disgusted I will be making a complaint to the GMC.

I have no doubt I would not now be terminal had the cancer been spotted sooner.
Not all cancers are detectable by X Ray alone, mine is one.
At one stage my GP even refused to send me for an x ray stating I’d had one a year earlier which gave me the all clear.
This was despite the fact I’d started coughing up small amounts of blood.
Once again he simply wrote out another prescription for anti - biotics. This was two months before I was diagnosed with a lung tumour.

By now I was coughing up cup fulls of blood which was traumatic to say the least.
I made an appointment with an alternative GP who sent me for an immediate X Ray.
Once again nothing was shown on the X Ray so I was then sent for a CT scan followed by a bronchoscopy.
This showed I had an advanced tumour in the right bronchial tube, too close to the heart for surgery to be an option.
I should point out that my cancer was not caused by smoking, it is a genetic condition, my lungs are actually in great shape.

Once the cancer was diagnosed and I came under the care of Maidstone Oncolgy my treatment was excellent and although they tried their best, by now the cancer was too far advanced.
Had the tumour been spotted sooner I have no doubt I would not now be terminal.

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