Sunday, 22 November 2009


You might think that a man with a terminal illness who relies on the NHS to stay alive would be a lot less critical.
But this story in the News of the World is pretty typical of the madness that's taken over at the N.H.S.
Decisions are being made by those who have no clinical experience which are affecting the lives of people in this country.
NHS bosses have secretly splashed out £1million of taxpayers' money - to STOP desperate patients getting life-saving drugs.


The drug I'm currently taking for lung cancer was previously blocked and only recently became available although it's been used in the U.S for years.
Not only is this drug keeping me alive it's also improved my "Quality of Life".
If you met me in a pub you would not know I was terminally ill.
Without this drug it's possible I might already be deceased.
The N.H.S has been taken over by a bunch of bureaucrats who have no concept of patient care.

So, while I have the utmost respect for my consultant Dr Taylor at Medway, and also for the Mcmillan Nurses who have treated me with nothing but love and kindness, I have to say the N.H.S sucks.

The cash wasted every year on employing yet more "Managers" and then sending these managers on Common Purpose Training courses which at best are questionable, would be better spent on patient care.

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